Frequently Asked Questions

Our website doesn’t offer direct help with the registration of patents. However, we endeavor to provide all the information you might need to carry it out. That includes outlining the processes involved and letting you know how to go about it. In essence, we do aid you, only not with any form of direct involvement in the procedure.

Whether you’re a corporate entity like a business or a private individual, there are many reasons why patents are needful. You may want to register your ideas, research findings, or product as it makes your ownership legal. That, in turn, prevents copying or duplication of whatever thing you claim as a novel innovation. Thus, it serves as a protective measure for you.

The most significant right you have regarding a registered patent is that it excludes others from making, using, or selling your invention. It should last for twenty years. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions you must meet to sustain it. That includes the payment of a specified maintenance fee. If the investor fails to keep up, then he/she forfeits the rights.

Generally, patent laws are federal and therefore are the same for different states in a country. That’s why you can apply for registration in one area and have it reflect in databases in other places. However, that doesn’t apply internationally, though it may exist in certain regions. Thus, you’ll have to look into the laws in various countries or areas for an international patent.

What many business people don’t know is that intellectual property right is an asset. One significant benefit is that it prevents your competitors in the market from exploiting your innovations. Besides that, it puts you in a better position for investments. That’s because such things attract investors as they know the value of novel products for a business.