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Assistant Secretary of Defense (Homeland Defense)


To protect the American public from natural disasters and acts of terrorism, it is critical that our nation’s first responders have the technology, items, and equipment necessary to do their jobs effectively and save lives. In Section 1401 of Public Law 107-314, signed on December 2, 2002, Congress enacted legislation aimed at leveraging DoD’s technology and logistics capabilities to assist first responders. The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and America’s Security Affairs coordinates this effort. Program information on the DoD TechMatch web site is aimed at:

  • TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPERS. We are involved in creating opportunities to collaborate on research, development, testing, and evaluation of high priority technology, items, and equipment. We want to help expedite the advancement of high priority DoD projects that can result in first responder capability improvements.
  • MANUFACTURERS. We want to help the DoD identify appropriate private sector manufacturers for the purpose of transferring and commercializing DoD technology for use by first responders.
  • FIRST RESPONDERS AND PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICIALS. The program exists to leverage DoD investments to enhance your capabilities, today and tomorrow. We work across the DoD and with the DHS and DOJ to accomplish this. There are several types of assistance available.
  • PROCUREMENT OFFICERS. There are several programs that allow you to leverage the Federal government’s buying power, and its inventory of surplus equipment, to get the best value for your first responders at the State and local levels.

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